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Noblesse EID,SID,Dollshe 28M
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 EID, SID, Dollshe 28M Man
 Long Tail Coat, Shirts, Vest, Pants, Belt, Necktie, Tie-pin - total 7 pcs

 Jacket, Pants - Wool + Satin / Vest - Satin Jacquard / Shirts - Cotton / Tie - Silk /

 Tie-pin - bead, Metal  

 Ivory Set

 Jacket : Chest 40cm / Length 40cm / Shoulders 14.5cm / Sleeve Length 26cm

 Pants : Waist 24cm / Length 42cm

 [ Noblesse EID, SID, Dollshe 28M ]

 [ Noblesse ] is Freedom Teller's recreation of aristocrat-like tuxedo.

 We focused on satin arranged shawl collar, gentle line of long taile and fit for the jacket. The shirt is of winged collar with metal button accents.
 Here we added more sophistication with jacquard vest, pin tucked satin waist belt,
a wide tie and a tie pin with red bead. 


We are prepard Ivory Set 


* The tie-pin (red beads) on the photo is sold out, so we are replaced with a tie-pin of 65cm picture.


* For EID size, jacket is the common size with Muscle type and Model type. 

Shirts, vests, and pants are made separately for each size.


* The jacquard material used for the vest has not much,

If the order has a lot, it can be replaced with the vest material used at 65cm.


* Pants fit is slimmer than the picture, and the length is made 1cm shorter~

 To create a soft sihouette, we used the same fine materials used on men's tuxedoes,
and put great effort and time into tailoring this set to the finest.

 * Modeled on Iplehouse EID Superhero body.
 * Compatible with other 60cm doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.