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Overfit Knit Coat (waffle) DD
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 Knit Coat
 Knit Jersey (Waffle Weaving)

 DD : Chest 36cm / Length 28cm / Shoulders 17cm 


 [ Overfit Knit Coat (Waffle) DD ]



It is a comfortable but look nice overp knit cardigan.


It is a overfit item with simple silhouette that can make various fashion according to the layering the clothes. 

It is added sophistication using wide stripe weave with soft knit material with a mono-stripe shirt, you can be more stylish.

We are prepared Off-White. Please select desired size and from the drop down options.


* This shirt is intentionally directed by an oversized shirt.

Please check before making the order. 


* Modeled on Volks DD Girl Body.
* Compatible with other 60cm doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.