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Daily (Floral) - long sleeve SD13,SD17,70cm
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 SD 13, SD 17, 70cm Boy
 Floral Print
 Oatmeal Beige / Black

 SD13 : Chest 30cm / Length 25cm / Shoulders 15.5cm 

 SD17 : Chest 34cm / Length 27cm / Shoulders 16cm

 70cm : Chest 36cm / Length 29cm / Shoulders 16.5cm

 [ Daily (Floral)-long sleeve SD13,SD17,70cm ]



It is a cool style daily shirt with floral print.


This shirt is made of long sleeves with china collar. It has the graceful mood. 

It is made in oversize and looks like to take a big shirt. 

There is a hem on both sides so it colud put on the front of the shirt in the pants, 

If you do the tops of the round neck, it looks like the outer.


It could be fashionable even if it wear with overfit coat.


* Modeled on Volks SD17 Boy Body.
* Compatible with other 65cm doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.