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Walker Boots 65cm, 70cm, EID
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 65cm / 70cm / EID
 Walker Boots

 65cm : Length 10cm / Width 4.8cm / Height 17.5cm

 70cm : Length 12cm / Width 5cm / Height 17.5cm

 EID: Length 13cm / Width 5cm / Height 15cm
 (Based on the bottom of the shoe. The inside would be about 0.5cm smaller.)


 [ Walker Boots 65cm, 70cm, EID ]


It's coordinated and with our limited sets for "Inspecteur Javier" of 'Les Miserables.'


The black pair is of solid style with cutting line.

We have prepared 65cm, 70cm, EID sizes. 


Please select desired size from the drop dropdown options~


* Please remember the sizing above indicates the exterior measurements. The inner measurement would be about 0.5cm smaller.

* Modeled on Volks SD17 Boy Body,  Iplehouse EID Superhero Body.
* Compatible with other 65cm doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.