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Inspecteur Javert DD
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 Jacket, Pants, Shirt, Hat, Epaulet, Badge, Shoulder Rope Accessory - total 7 pcs

 Jacket, Pants_Wool / Shirt_Cotton (wrinkle-free)

 Jacket, Long Coat_Deep Blue + Black  / Pants_Black / Shirt_White / Hat_Black / Boots_Black


 (based on DD size)
 Jacket: Chest cm / Length cm / Shoulders cm / Sleeve Length cm
Pants: Waist cm / Length cm

 [ Inspectuer Javert .. DD ]


    As a 10th anniversary event, we have selected [ Inspectuer Javert ] as the second limited edition which shows lots of interesting in the preference servey as the second limited edition. We tried to express the moderate image of uniform with DD.

We were able to tailor the jacket in a unique design in which the front of the jacket falls down to the waist-line while the back tails out nicely. We gave the jacket a feel of self-restraint by using white for matching well with DD body but also left prestigiousness by using embroidery on the collar, epaulet and badges. 


We tailored the shirt to have a unique collar and gave point to the item by using fancy taping. The pants are of slim fit tailored with stretchy material and also have silver lining point on the sides. To prevent the bottom of the pants from stretching, we added hidden zippers as well.



The set includes a jacket, pants, shirt, hat, epaulette, badges and shoulder rope accessory. (total 7 pcs)

* Modeled on Volks DD Body. 

* Compatible with other 65cm doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.