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Decent (black) ID75,EID
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 ID75, EID Man

 Based on Idealian 75

 Chest 38cm / Length 28cm / Shoulders 18.5cm / Sleeve Length 26cm


 Based on EID (Muscle Type)
 Chest 38cm / Length 27cm / Shoulders 18cm / Sleeve Length 25cm

 [ Decent (black) ID75, EID ]

Here's a sophisticated shirt in black color. 


* The fabric has been replaced with a matte fabric.There is no gloss like the picture, so please care about it before ordering! *


Not only it’s a perfect fit on the body, but we also have meticulously recreated
the actual men’s dress shirts such as the round hemming on the bottom.

* Modeled on Modeled on Soom idealian 75 body, Iplehouse EID.

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.