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Daily (soft chiffon) ID75,EID
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 ID75, EID Man (common size)
 Off-white / Black

 Idealian 75 / EID  

 Chest 39cm / Length 29cm / Shoulders 18.5cm / Sleeve Length 27cm

 [ Daily (soft chiffon) ID75, EID Man ]



It is a daily chiffon material shirt.

We used the chiffon material to express the flowing loose fit.  

There is no front closure, and the shirt collar is treated deeply that it does not look stuffy.


The cuffs of the sleeves are made wide and long, emphasizing the feeling of the overfit.

If you will add a romantic necklace or accessory on the neck, it'll be able to produce more beautifully.


We are prepared Off white and Black colors. 


This shirt is made in ID75, EID common size. 


Modeled on Modeled on Soom idealian 75 body, Iplehouse EID.

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.