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[Enoch] - Blank Head for 65cm,70cm Boys
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 Point : 1.60 point
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Product Details    

This is Freedomteller's fourth head [ Enoch ] 







Head no.
   Head FT-04 [ Enoch ]
Head size (Circumference)
   8.5 inch
Eye size
   14 mm 
Skin type
  Normal Skin
Compatible Body type

  65cm, 70cm boy body 


  head + plate + certificate + default case (box)
Make up
  * Makeup Artist : Theatre T.S.S. *
   * The basic option is the head without faceup.  


Blank Head Second Release Period:

- Online: October 29. 21:00pm - November 28. 21:00pm

It is order-made item and can not be canceled or refunded if you change your mind. 

Please care about this point before making order. 


* Order will ship in around 40 business days (excluding weekends and holidays)
upon receipt of payment. If you add Face-Up option, 1~2 extra weeks will be taken.

Head will be on production once the payment has been confirmed. Therefore, it is not possible to cancel, exchange, or get refund after the payment. Please consider about before making order. 

*Makeup A/S is not possible partial repair. Only whole head re-makeup could possible. 

Please remove the makeup in clearly by yourself and A/S fee is the same price with order. 





[ Exchange / Return / A/S ]

It's not possible to return or A/S that can appear on the urethane products processing. 

( Ex: Some scratches of sanding caused while removing the gates.)  

However, we could care about damages which sully the value of production cost like a bubble,scratch, piece broken, etc. For return, exchange or A/S for the head, you must contact us within 7 days of arrival.

(It is not recognized as a damage without the front face of the head) 


If you need more information, then please inquire through the FAQ board regarding About Exchange & Refund & A/S

  FAQ --> [Head] About Exchange & Refund & A/S   



*Promotion Picture Information

Head : FT-04 [ Enoch ]
Body : Switch 65cm Body
Outfit : Daily (soft chiffon)/ Overfit Jacket (Double Breasted) Jacket/ slacks (tucked)/