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Trench Coat (solid) 65cm,70cm,72cm
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  65cm, 70cm Boys
  Trench Coat 
  Wool Garbardine
  Off-White / Cappuccino Beige / Black 

  Chest 34cm / Length 40cm / Shoulders 16cm / Sleeve Length 22cm 

  70cm Humming 
  Chest 36cm / Length 42cm / Shoulders 17cm / Sleeve Length 24cm 


  [ Trench Coat 65cm,70cm,72cm ]



 It's a classic trench coat using a wool material.

 The details of the authentic trench coat are finely crafted to create a soft and precise fit.

 We made this coat oversiezed and the belt longer this season.


 We are prepared Off-white, Cappuccino Beige, Black. Please select the color from the option. 

* It is divided into 7 different sizes in 70cm categories.

  Luts SSDF and Switch Humming sizes are made in the same size,

  and Other sizes are made to fit each, so there is a difference in length and fit.


* Head - Freedomteller [ENOCH] / 
  Body - Volks SD17 65cm body / Switch Humming 70cm body 

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.