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Overfit Coat-Single Breasted (solid) 62cm,65cm,70cm
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 62cm, 65cm, 70cm Boy
 Overfit Coat (Single Breasted) 
 Wool Cashmere
 Off-White/ Red / Black / D.Brown Check

 SD13 : Chest 32cm / Length 32cm / Shoulders 15cm / Sleeve Length 20cm 

 SD17 : Chest 34cm / Length 34cm / Shoulders 16cm / Sleeve Length 22cm 

 70cm : Chest 36cm / Length 36cm / Shoulders 17cm / Sleeve Length 24cm

 [ Overfit Coat-Single Breasted 62cm,65cm,70cm ]


It is a simple and chic style overfit winter coat.

It is a simple silhouette with a single closure.

It's crafted with an emphasis on sophisticated fit and tailoring.


You could match shirts or knitwear together, and even wear it over a suit, it could create a nice style for your doll. 

    * You could choose up to the fur collars as an option.

    * The short collar could be used by detaching the satin string.

    * The long collar could be used a hook on the end of the collar, so it could be locked.

    * Both fur collars have a hook at the center of the back, so it could be fixed to the clothes.


  * It is divided into 4 different sizes in 70cm categories.

   Luts SSDF and Switch Humming sizes are made in the same size, and Switch Attractive and DF-A are made to fit each, so there is a difference in length and fit.


The material is the same fine wool material with real men's wear. 

The pit is soft and elaborate.



* Model :
     Head- Freedom Teller [ENOCH]
     Body -Volks SD17 65cm body / SWITCH Humming 70cm body


* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.