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Ranunculus (Epilogue) ID75, EID
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 ID75, EID

 Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Cape, Epaulet (detachable), Shoulder straps, Metal badges, Belts

  - total 8 pcs


 Jacket - Wool / Shirt - Cotton / Pants - Stretch / Cape - Satin 


 Off-White Set


 (based on Idealian 75 size)
 Jakcet: Chest 39cm / Total length 29cm  / Shoulders 19cm / Sleeve Length 25cm
Pants: Waist 28cm / Pants Length 46cm / Cape Length 42cm 

 [ Ranunculus (Epilogue) Idealian75, EID ]


    《Ranunculus》 means 'charm, fascination', and is a colorful flower with many petals.

Overall, it maintains the understated uniform style, while the details emphasize the splendor with the motif of Ranunculus, which blooms in a golden color.

The basic set are 8 pcs in total. Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Cape, Epaulet (detachable), Shoulder straps, Metal badges, Belts

 The jacket of this uniform is a style that fits tightly to the body, and the waist is tightened with a belt to further emphasize the body line.

 The cape is a style with a wide open the front, and is designed to show the colorful details of the jacket.

 The epaulet is gorgeously crafted with gold metal and beads, and is a kill point accessory for it.

 It is made detachable and could be used as a point on the jacket or on the cape.

 Metal badges, shoulder straps, and belts are also a point accessory that could be used in various ways.

The pants are designed with a high waist, and are made to adhere well to the body using stretch material. It is good to wear long boots.

 *The details page for Black Walker Boots has been updated separately..

  Please order separately from the detail page. 



Pre-order period : 2021 Feb.13th ~ Feb. 26th 21:00pm 
(*It's based on Korean time*)

* Modeled on
 Soom Idealian 75

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.