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[ Amber ] Head +Make-up +Clothes Set
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 To commemorate the release of Freedomeller's fifth head [Amber], Limited make-up head in collaboration with international makeup artists.


We will open the limited makeup heads three times for celebrating the release of 'Amber'. 



Human work is released second. 


* This time, a limited clothes set is included.

The clothes is an one-off composition of the [Lisianthus II] girls' set, and it's made with only one suit.


Includes :

Cape coat, Coat Collar 1 (Sailor), Collar 2 (Lace), Hair Deco.(Pearl+Flower),

One-Piece, Bustier, Waist string, Ribbon tie (w/beads) , Necklace (w/pearls), 

decorative button (for collars), decorative chain (jacket front closure)  - total 11 pcs

* [Lisianthus II] Girls' set is scheduled to be released in May, and the composition is different from this one-off clothes. **


 schedule :

 - Online : March 15th 21:00pm - March 19th 21:00pm 
                 (Lottery. We will notice the winner on March 20th 
                              * It's based on Korean time*

    Lottery system :

* We will notice the winner who submitted through the application board during that period. 
  (A total of 1 person from domestic and overseas applicants will be drawn.)

* The winner will be notified of the payment within 3 days after notification and will ship the head & clothes set. If the payment is not confirmed, we will do the re-lottery again. 

 If you will cancel or will not pay the payment after ordering, you will be penalized the limited application. It could be trouble for other customers who really want to buy. Please apply it if you really want to purchase. 

There are individual differences in make up condition, so the difference in detail might slightly from head to head.





Head no.
   Head FT-05 [ Amber ]
Head size (Circumference)
   8 inch
Eye size
   14 mm
Skin type
  Normal Skin, White Skin
  Compatible Body type
  62cm girl's body / 65cm boy's body
  head +clothes set + plate + certificate + default case (box)

Make up
  * Makeup Artist : Human *




* ModelHead : FT-05 [ Amber ] / Body : Volk SD16 body

Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.