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COCO (boyfit) 3.7 body(48cm)
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 Point : 1.57 point
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 3.7body (48cm)
 Required: Jacket, pants (select from long pants or shorts) 
 Off-white, Black

 Jacket : Chest 27cm / Length 12.5cm / Shoulders 12cm / Sleeve Length 16cm 

 Pants : Long Pants - Waist 19.5cm / Length 28cm 
             Short Pants - Waist 19.5cm / Length 22cm 

 [ COCO (boyfit) 3.7body (48cm) ]



   It's a semi-formal set reinterpreted by reflecting the latest trends in a classic tweed suit.

   The jacket is made with a light fit without a collar and a short length, and give a point with color tape.

   If you add a brooch, it could make more romantic.

   You could choose between shorts and long pants.

   Shorts are made of tweed material such as jacket. 

   The long pants are made with a lighter material and matched the color.




* Modeled on Simply Meant To Be 3.7 body.
* It doesn't consider 
compatible with other company bodies.