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[ Leuven-Gentle ] Head +Make-up
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 Point : 4.90 point
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 It's an opening limited event to commemorate the release of Freedom Teller's 6th head [Leuven].


  * Introducing Theater T.S.S. limited make-up work.

Lottery schedule :

- Online : 2021. October 11th. 21:00pm - October 17th. 21:00pm 
                (* Lottery. We will notice the winner on October 18th.*)
                   * It's based on Korean time! *

   Lottery system :

During the application period, only one winner will be selected and notified through the entry board.

   (Regardless of domestic and overseas, two winners will be drawn) *)


We will notice the winner who submitted through the application board during that period. The winner will be notified of the payment within 3 days after notification and will ship the head. If the payment is not confirmed, we will do the re-lottery again.

* If you will cancel or will not pay the payment after ordering, you will be penalized for the limited application. 
It will cause harm to other customers who wish to purchase, so please make sure to apply if you wish to purchase.


Head no.
   Head FT-06 Leuven ]
Head size (Circumference)
   8.5 inch
Eye size
   14 mm narrow 
Skin type
  Normal Skin
  Compatible Body type
  70cm boy's body
  head + make-up + plate + certificate + default case (box) + felt pouch

Make up
  * Makeup Artist : Theatre T.S.S. *