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Riding Boots DD,SD16
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  DD, SD16 femme
  Riding Boots
  Natural Leather
  Black / Black+Brown mix


 Length : 8.7cm / Width 3.4cm 
 (Based on the bottom of the shoe. The inside would be about 0.5~1cm smaller.)
 [ Riding Boots DD, SD16 ]



It is a riding long boot that could be used in various ways. Because it is good with the details of a classic riding boot and minimal fit. 

We are prepared two styles with points in all black and black and brown mixed. 


We are carefully selected leather quality for including simple and luxurious.

 The leather is treated with both sides to the inner surface of boots.The finish is clean and  comfortable. 



  * We are recommend you to wear socks when wearing shoes on DD body!

    If you wear the shoes without socks, the color of the leather stain your doll feet!

 The shoe sole is also made with the same process as the actual human shoes.

 It is made of rubber to prevent slipperily.





 * Modeled on Volks DD, SD16 body.

 * Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.