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Prince in Uniform II (Royal Blue) 65cm,70cm
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 Jacket, Vest, Pants, Shirt & Ribbon tie, Waist Belt , Gold String w/ Tassel, Epaulet (detachable), 
  Pandant I (Beads), Pandant II (Beads), Shoulder strap (Satin)  - total 10 pcs
 Jacket - Wool / Shirt - Cotton Jacquard / Pants - Stretch / Metalic Decoration
 Royal Blue Set
 (based on 65cm size)
 Jakcet: Chest 28cm / Total length 29cm / Shoulders 15.5cm / Sleeve Length 22cm
 Pants: Waist 24cm / Pants Length 39cm /

 (based on 70cm Humming size)
 Jakcet: Chest 31cm / Total length 31cm / Shoulders 17cm / Sleeve Length 23cm
 Pants: Waist 26m / Pants Length 42cm /
 [ Prince in Uniform II (Royal Blue) 65cm, 70cm ]


《Prince in Uniform 》 set is Freedom Teller's re-creation of a traditional prince uniform.

  By matching elegant shirts, pants and tux styled waist belt with a traditional uniform jacket, we finished this set to be a high-class formal uniform set.

  We showed a moderate beauty in version I, and we emphasize the edge of fancy and impressive beauty in version II.

  We gave symbolic feature to the collar & sleeves of the jacket by using gold-colored decorations and added accents with fancy accessories like teardrop shaped beads and gold accents finishes.

  Shirts are made of fluid cotton jacquard. Shape is oversized and volumed.
  Pants are shaped like a riding pants and finished with waist belt.
  Waist belt is double-faced (grey & gold), and easy to create different images.

  Gold accents finishes are gorgeously crafted, and kill point accessories for it.
  It is made detachable and could be used as a point on the jacket or shirts.
  Epaulet, gold string with tassel, shoulder straps, and belts are a point accessory that could be used in various ways.

 * Small subsidiary materials that could not affect to the whole images can be changed.
    Please kindly understand it!

 * Pre-order period : 2022 May. . 21:00pm ~ May. . 21:00pm

    (*It's based on Korean time*)

* Modeled on Freedom Teller [Enoch] Head / 70cm SWITCH Humming & DF-A Body /

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.