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Burmuda Pants(leather) 65cm,70cm
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 65cm, 70cm boys 
 Artificial Leather

 65cm : Waist 25cm / Length 19.5cm

 70cm : Waist 27cm / Length 21.5cm

 70cm DF-A : Waist 29cm / Length 22cm

 [ Leather pants (skinny) 65cm,70cm ]

It is a burmuda pants.

It is made oversized and loose fit with short length.
It is made of artificial leather with slight stretch so there is no discomfort in movement.

The color is prepared in black.


* 70cm pants size :

Luts SSDF and Switch Humming/Attractive sizes are made in the same size,

DF-A is made separately,

So there is a difference in length and fit. Please check it before making the order! 

* Model :
Head- Freedom Teller [ Amber ] + Volks SD17 Body

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.