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Wide Stripe Top (w/collar) 65cm,70cm
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  65cm, 70cm Boy
 knited cotton (wide stripe)
 Mustard Yellow/ Dark Navy  

  65cm : Chest 36cm / Length 20cm /

  70cm : Chest 38cm / Length 22cm /

  [ Wide Stripe T (w/collar) 65cm,70cm ]



 It's a daily T shirt with wide stripe pattern.

 It is originally traditional polo style T shirts.

We recreate it to contemporary & romantic T shirts mixed with current trends.

It's made with an over-fit size.

The details like puff sleeves, white colloar & cuffs make the shirts so romantic.

With a pearl necklace, it looks more lovely.^^


* Model : 
   Head- Freedom Teller [ AMBER ] + Volks SD16 girls & SD17 boys body

* Compatible with other 65cm doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.