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COLLECT Shirts 65cm,70cm,75cm,76cm Homme
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 65cm, 70cm, 75cm, 76cm

  Required: TRINITY I & III -Shirts / Lisianthus II -Shirts & Ribbon Tie/

  * Any other accessories except 'required items' are NOT included! *

 Cotton Jacquard / Shiffon / Satin /
 Ivory / Red / Purple / Black

 65cm Slim : Jakcet: Chest 32cm / Total length 20m / Shoulders 16cm / Sleeve Length 21cm

 70cm Slim : Jakcet: Chest 34cm / Total length 21m / Shoulders 18cm / Sleeve Length 24cm

 70cm Muscle : Jakcet: Chest 36cm / Total length 22m / Shoulders 19cm / Sleeve Length 25cm

 75cm : Jakcet : Chest 42cm / Total length 25m / Shoulders 20cm / Sleeve Length 27cm
 75cm : Jakcet : Chest 44cm / Total length 26m / Shoulders 22cm / Sleeve Length 28cm

 [ COLLECT_Shirts 65cm,70cm,75cm,76cm ]


You can order eingle limited shirts for the selected items on this page.

  Please refer to shirts name & colors on 
  You might check 
the details on each limited set pages . 

 For 'Ivory' & 'Black' color shirts, we will use the same fabric & laces as is.

 For 'Red' & 'Purple' new color shirts, we will use chiffon fabric & laces on photos.

*It is special event to celebrate 15th Anniversary.

  As noticed, the buyers who ordered more than 1 set of [TRINITY] series are qualified to order.
  Please check the conditions before you make an order !

 * Pre-order period : 2023. Dec. 16th. 21:00pm ~ Dec. 26th. 21:00pm

    (*It's based on Korean time*)

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.