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Loafers (solid) SD17
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 SD17, 65cm Boys Body (8.3cm feet)
 Brown / Black
 Total Length : SD17 - Length 10cm, Width 3.8cm 
  (Based on the bottom of the shoe. The inside would be about 0.5cm smaller.)

 [ Loafers SD17, 65cm Boys ] 


 These are minimal loafers that can look great with suits, casuals and other looks.
Using fine leather, these shoes have very smooth surfaces and will fit nicely.

 We have prepared this item in cream, brown and black.
Please select one from the dropdown options.

* Modeled on Volks SD17 Boy Body

* Attention:
 Due to characteristics of handmade shoes, tiny damages can be made during manufacturing process such as fine abrasions or specs. It would be the best to take them off after wearing as some dye can rub off.