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Kronprintz EID, SID
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 Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Shoulder Ornament, Belt, 2 Pendants, Illust Card - total 8 pcs
 Jacket, Pants - Fine Wool / Shirt - Cotton
 Royal Blue Set (Royal Blue Jacket, Pants + White Shirt)
 White Set (White Jacket, Red Pants + White Shirt)

 (based on Iplehouse EID Muscle size)
 Jacket : Chest 40cm / Length 29cm / Shoulders 18cm / Sleeve Length 26cm
 Shirt : Chest 38cm / Length 27cm / Shoulders 18cm / Sleeve Length 25cm
 Pants : Waist 33cm / Length 43.5cm

 [ Kronprintz EID, SID ]

[ Kronprintz ] is Freedom Teller's recreation of Austria's crown prince Rodolf's outfit.

While using bold red and gold ornaments to symbolize royalty, we still kept our design moderate.

We have two colored sets prepared: Royal Blue set to represent royalty which is traditionally used in uniforms like this.
White to represetn pureness and peace.

We hope this outfit will remain in your memories as a beautiful set that will brighten your winter of 2012.

* Modeled on Iplehouse EID Body.

* Please note that it may fit differently on other similar sized bodies.