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Mr. Pilot Man SD17, 13
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 SD17 Boy / SD13 Boy
 Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Hat, Tie, Epaulets (detachable), Badge, Illust Card - total 7 pcs
 Jacket, Pants: Fine Wool / Shirt: Cotton
 Jacket, Pants_Black / Shirt_White / Tie_Dark Navy
 (Based on SD17 size)
 Jacket: Chest 29cm / Length 22cm / Shoulders 14.5cm / Sleeve Length 22cm / Round Arm 12cm
 Shirt: Chest 28cm / Length 22cm / Shoulders 14.5cm / Sleeve Length 21.5cm / Round Arm 11cm
&nsbp;Pants: Waist 24cm / Length 39cm
 [ Mr. Pilot Man SD17/13 ]

[ Mr. Pilot Man ] is Freedom Teller's recreation of airplane pilot suit.

While keeping simple but moderate silhouette, we gave this outfit great points using symbolic pilot decorations
such as 4 lined gold taping, metalic buttons, emblem on the hat and badges.

Compared to our previous 'Mr. Captain' we adjusted overall fit and arm holes.
Details are more simplified but by adding gold taping around the cuffs and epaulets, we gave stronger points.

Epaulets and the badge is detachable so you can choose to attach them on your jacket or shirt.

* There are two different sizes of hats: 24cm and 26cm. Please select one and leave a memo when you place the order.


* Buttons in photos above looked slightly big for SD13, 17 scale, so we'll be changing the buttons to the ones we used on SID femme shirts when we tailor them.

* Modeled on Volks SD17 Boy body.

* Compatible with other similar sized bodies but may fit differently on other companies’ bodies.