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Decent (white) 65cm,70cm,72cm
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 65cm, 70cm Boy
 General Cotton 

 65cm : Chest 28cm / Length 22cm / Shoulders 14.5cm / Sleeve Length 21.5cm 

 70cm Humming: Chest 30cm / Length 24cm / Shoulders 16.5cm / Sleeve Length 23.5cm 

 [ Decent (white) 65cm,70cm,72cm ]
This is a basic white colored shirt.
General cotton is of moderate thickness material for dolls and is wrinkle-free. 

It is the dress shirt which becomes the most basic and waist fit enters a little.

We also used fine threads matched with fine and fragile cotton.
It also has a pocket, cuffs and a round bottom just like an actual men’s shirt.


* Head - Freedomteller [ENOCH] /

  Body - Switch Humming 70cm body / Volks SD17 65cm body /

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.