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Wool Pants (ankle length) SD13,17,70cm
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 SD 13, SD17, 70cm boy bodies
 a pair of pants
 BOff-White /Beige / Melange Grey / Black / Big Check / British Check

 SD13 : Waist 23cm / Length 36.5cm / Around Ankle 11cm

 SD17 : Waist 24cm / Length 39cm / Around Ankle 12cm

 70cm : Waist 26cm / Length 41.5cm / Around Ankle 12.5cm

 [ Wool Pants (ankle length) SD13,17,70cm ]

Here's a pair of slim fit pants made with wool materials.

Pamts length are showed the top of the foot a little when your doll take the loafer. 


We have prpeared this item in solid colors and with check patterns (Big Check & British Check)Please select the color from the option.

* SD13 & SD17 : Modeled on Volks  SD13 & SD17 Boy Body.

* 70cm : Modeled on Luts SSDF Boy body.

* Compatible with other bodies but may fit differently on other companies’ bodies.