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Skinny Pants (damaged) ID75,EID
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  ID75, EID men bodies
  a pair of pants
  Cotton Gabardine (stretch)
  Off-White / Black

  ID75 : Waist 31cm / Length 46cm

  EID : Waist 32cm / Length 41.5cm

 [ Skinny Pants (damaged) ID75, EID ]

We used stretchy material to prevent limitation in your doll's poses and the front of the pants have damaged detailing.

We have prepared this item in off-white and black. Please select one from the drop down options.

* The first 3 photos are damages on 65cm size. 
We will make the damages in the same way.   

* However, the damaged detailing is done by hand and due the the characteristics of handcrafted work, every pants will be slightly different~


* Please be careful when putting on and taking off these pants from your doll as the damaged detailing may get stuck in your doll's joints.


* Modeled on Iplehouse EID Superhero Body.

* Compatible with other similar sized bodies but may fit differently on other companies’ bodies.