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Cosette SD16, SID Femme
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 SD16 / SID femme (Please select from the option)

 Inner Dress, Outer Dress, Petticoat, Bonnet - total 4 pcs


 Inner Dress_Silk / Outer Dress_Lace Jacquard / Pettitcoat_Soft Tool / Bonnet_Silk


 Inner Dress_Ivory / Outer Dress_Ivory+Gold / Bonnet_Skin-tone Pink



 (based on Volks SD16 femme size)
 Inner Dress: Chest 27cm / Length 53cm / Shoulders 11cm
Pants: Waist 24cm / Length 41cm

 [ Cosette SD16, SID femme ]


[ Cosette ] is Freedom Teller’s recreation of a character from French writer Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables.

A young firm willed revolutionist Marius falls in love with beautifully grown Cosette and had to go through many hardships. Jean Valjean's endless love and nobleness saves Marius from near death situation, leading the two love birds to have their happy ending~

The inner dress is a basic princess dress made with silk material to give soft volume. We also overlapped gold threaded silk chiffon with gold lace to create nice accent on this piece.


The outer dress is tailored with lace jacquard material to bring out elegance and it has a simple waist fitting silhouette.


For bonnet, we matched soft skin-toned pink color with silk material. By creating points with flowers and lace, we made this piece to be a graceful yet a glamorous item~

* Modeled on Volks SD16 femme Body.

* Compatible with other similar sized bodies but may fit differently on other companies’ bodies.