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Monochrome Chic EID,SID
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 EID Man
 Jacket, Vest, Pants, Handkerchief
 Fine Wool

 Black set / Grey set  (Handkerchief-Random) 


 - Based on Super Hero EID (Muscle Type)
   Jacket: Chest 40cm / Length 28cm / Shoulders 18cm / Sleeve Length 26cm
   Pants: Waist 33cm / Length 43.5cm

 - Based on SID

   Jacket: Chest 34cm / Length 25cm / Shoulders 16cm / Sleeve Length 23.5cm
   Pants : Waist 27cm / Length 39cm 

 [ Monochrom Chic EID,SID ]

[Monochrome Chic] is the very classic 3-pcs suit set , slim fit and sophistication applied.
We emphasized the line from chest to waist to generate more appealing slim fit.


* Jacket lapels are tailored in knotched collar.

* The pants are also slim fit and they slightly cover the top of the foot.
  Our slacks are now created with more slim fit than before to give a nice silhouette.

We have prepared this item in basic black and melange grey.
Please select one from the dropdown options.

* Modeled on Iplehouse EID Superhero Body.

* We have prepared this item in two sizes - Muscle Type and Model Type. Please select one from the size option box.