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Rich Velvet JK SD13,SD17,70cm
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 SD 13, SD 17, 70cm Boy
 Dark Purple, Dark Green

 SD13 Jacket : Chest 28cm / Length 18cm / Shoulders 14cm / Sleeve Length 20cm / Arm Round 12cm

 SD17 Jacket : Chest 31cm / Length 21cm /Shoulders 14.5cm/ Sleeve Length 22cm / Arm Round 13cm

 70cm : Jacket : Chest 32cm / Length 23cm / Shoulders 15cm / Sleeve Length 24cm  

 [ Rich Velvet Jacket SD13,SD17,70cm ]



This coat is great for a special day or evening party.

This is a simple tailcoat style jacket with rich velvet fabric .

It is matched jacket collar and pocket with black satin fabric.

It is also great with tuxedo shirt and bow tie. 

It is made to emphasize the bodyline which is chest to waist.


There are Dark Purple and Dark Green 

Please select desired color from the drop down options.



* Modeled on Volks SD17 Boy Body.
* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.