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High School (d.navy) SDGR,SD16
 Selling Price :
 Point : 1.15 point
 Required(Jacket) :
 Shirts+ Ribbon-tie :
 Skirt :
 QTY : ea
Product Details    

 SDGR, SD 16 Femme
 Jacket / Optional: Shirts, Skirt, Half Socks, Wappen (detachable)

 Jacket, Skirt: Wool / Shirts: Cotton Jacquard


 Jacket : Dark Navy / Skirt : Dark Navy / Shirts : White / 

 [ High School (d.navy) SDGr, SD16, Femme ]



The jacket was finished with color piping that it works tidiness as a uniform

The shirt is a white color and a small dot jacquard material.

It gives the point with the same fabric ribbon tie, and it can be detachable. 

The skirts is a solid color skirt with ivory typing.

The waffen could be removable and is a self-developed design by Freedomeller ~

* Modeled on Volks SDGR Girl Body.

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.