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Color me White (Double-Breast) SID,EID
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 Point : 1.25 point
 Jacket (Required) :
 Optional (Vest) :
 Optional (Pants) :
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Product Details    

  Required : Jacket, Handkerchief (random) / Optional : Pants, Vest 


 Jacket : Chest 40cm / Length 27cm / Shoulders 18cm / Sleeve Length 25cm 

 Pants: Waist 33cm / Pants length 42cm / 

 [Color me White (Double-Breast) SID, EID]



This is a white color double breast style suit in series of [Color me White]

The jacket and handkerchief are required for this time. The pants and vests are optional. 

The pants are prepared in Ankle length.

It is great item for mixing and matching by your taste. 




There are SD13, SD17, 70cm. Please select desired items from the drop down options.

Our suits are 100% handmade and we followed Freedom Teller's motto which is to use perfect fitting patterns, meticulous stitching, real pockets, fine buttons and fabric pattern matching to create a piece of high completion.

* Modeled on Iplehouse EID body

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.