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High School (m.grey) DD
 Selling Price :
 Point : 1.15 point
 Required(Jacket) :
 Skirt :
 QTY : ea
Product Details    

 DD Femme
 Required : Jacket / Optional: Skirt 

 Jacket, Skirt: Wool / 


 Jacket : Melange Grey

 Skirt : Melange Grey, Big Check 

 [ High School (m.grey) DD Femme ]

[ High School DD Femme ] is a private high school uniform set.

We gave the jacket a clean look by finishing it with colored piping.
The jacket is the base piece for this listing and you can select from melange grey and dark navy.

The shirt is made of clean white tiny dot jacquard material and we added a cute point
by putting it together with a ribbon tie made of same material.

We have prepared 2 different skirts: one with ivory tape arrangement and one with big check material. 

* Modeled on Volks DD (L chest size) Body.

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.